How to report fraud in health and social care

Every year money is lost through fraud in the health service in Northern Ireland. This is money that could be spent on important treatments or services. If you suspect any type of fraud in health and social care across Northern Ireland, you should report it.

Types of fraud in health and social care

There are many different types of fraud. In health and social care some examples may include:

  • claiming for free or reduced cost dental and ophthalmic treatment when not entitled
  • fraudulently attempting to get prescription medication either for personal use or resale
  • individuals coming to Northern Ireland with the express purpose of gaining free access to treatment
  • staff who make false or inflated claims for hours worked, travel or expenses
  • suppliers submitting invoices for goods or services not supplied

How to report fraud

If you do suspect healthcare fraud, you can report it by calling the Health and Social Care (HSC) Fraud Hotline on:

  • telephone number: 0800 096 33 96

You can also report your concerns on the Counter Fraud and Probity Services (CFPS) website.

You can provide any information you have in confidence, or anonymously if you prefer.

Why you should report fraud

Any type of fraud is wrong. Whether you are employed within the health service, or a patient receiving treatment, we all pay the price for fraud because it means less money is being used to pay for important services or treatments. No matter how small, you should report fraud if you suspect it.

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