Housing standards in rented accommodation

If you rent your home, your landlord is responsible for major repairs. This includes repairs to the structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water installations. All rented accommodation must meet the fitness standard which means the property has adequate conditions for people to live in.

Fitness standard in rented homes

The fitness standard lists minimum requirements in all rented accommodation for:

Landlord's responsibility for maintenance and repairs

If you rent your home, the property should be safe and free from health hazards. The landlord is responsible for resolving problems in the property which could lead to poor health or accidents.  Hazards in the home can occur because of faulty design, wear and tear, or poor maintenance.

The landlord should check that the property is a warm and safe home for the people living there.

Common hazards in the home

The most common hazards involve:

  • inadequate heating or insulation
  • disrepair
  • a lack of handrails, steep stairs and poor lighting which lead to falls
  • damp and mould growth
  • fire

Getting help

If your home has any problems which could be a hazard you can ask your landlord to put things right. If they don't do anything to improve the situation, you can contact an environmental health officer in the local council. They can take action against landlords. 

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