Housing renewal - funding for repairs and adaptations

The Housing Executive’s (NIHE) Grants scheme can help homeowners with repairs and improvements to their homes. There are mandatory and discretionary grants.

Discretionary grants

Discretionary grants for renovation, replacement, houses in multiple occupation and Home Repairs Assistance are only available in exceptional circumstances. 

Mandatory repair grants

Repair grants are available to landlords, agents and tenants when a local council issues a statutory notice about repairs.

Disabled Facilities Grant

This grant helps improve the home of a person with a disability, and may be based on the recommendation of an occupational therapist.

Owner-occupiers, landlords or private tenants can get help to carry out adaptations, if there is a person with a disability living in the house.

The grant is only allowed for works recommended by your local occupational therapist, unless the local Health Trust and the Housing Executive agreed.

Eligible work may include:

  • improving access to your bathroom, living room or bedroom
  • providing additional bathroom facilities
  • making the preparation and cooking of food easier for example by enlarging the kitchen or providing low level units
  • adapting lighting or heating controls
  • improving your heating system

You can get up to £25,000,  depending on financial circumstances.

Landlord's Energy Saving Allowance

If you are a landlord and make energy saving improvements to your property, you could reduce the tax you pay. You can do this by claiming the ‘Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance’ (LESA).

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