Getting help with home improvement costs

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s (NIHE or Housing Executive) Grants scheme is designed to give help for the improvement and repair of privately owned homes. However in the current economic climate with a funding shortfall, the Housing Executive has had to look at how it manages these grants.

What help is available?

There are several types of grants, depending on the kind of work that needs done,  that may be available:

  • Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant scheme - adaptations to make it easier for a person with a disability to continue living in their home
  • Mandatory Repair Grants - available to landlords, agents and tenants towards the cost of repairing houses following the issuing of specific statutory notices by the local council

There is also a Discretionary Grants scheme for repairs, renovations and replacements.

However, due to the current economic climate, NIHE will not be accepting new Preliminary Enquiry forms as it does not wish to raise expectations about the availability of these grant types.

You can find more information on all the grants you can apply for and their availability in the link below:

Group Repair Scheme

This scheme allows NIHE to help owners improve the exterior structures of their properties. It is a grant targeted to terraced houses where it has been agreed that an area based approach to improvement is suitable.

Householders who live in a terrace which is targeted for Group Repair work will be invited to  join the scheme managed by the NIHE.  

However, the number of Group Repair schemes which can be started is currently restricted due to the current funding situation.

Latest news on grants

The Housing Executive is currently facing a funding shortfall and has had to prioritise its workload. As providing new homes for rent is its main priority, other housing programmes, including grants, have been affected by this shortfall.

Without more funding, NIHE has had to significantly curtail grants.

As NIHE does not want to raise expectations about the availability of grants or have people incur costs unnecessarily, you should check with them for more information about availability and eligibility for these grants.

Landlord's Energy Saving Allowance

If you are a landlord and make energy saving improvements to your property, you could cut the tax you pay. You can do this by claiming the ‘Landlord’s Energy Saving Allowance’ (LESA).

Find out if you are eligible, what the allowance covers and how to apply for it by using the link below:

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