Getting started on the Apprenticeship programme

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice under the Apprenticeships programme or the Higher Level Apprenticeships programme, you must be in a job or have found an employer who is willing to take you on as an apprentice.

Finding an employer

Finding someone to take you on as an apprentice is really like finding any other job. You can, for example:

Find a training supplier

Once you are in employment and have agreed with your employer that you can become an apprentice, simply contact a local Apprenticeship training supplier who will check your eligibility and register your interest in training when it is available.

The list of Apprenticeships Level 2 and 3 training suppliers is currently being updated and will be available in the summer.

If you were already on the apprenticeship programme and left, you can rejoin to complete the remainder of your apprenticeship.

Training supplier contact details for those wishing to rejoin the programme only are below:

Your training supplier will then meet with you and your employer to discuss your apprenticeship and training needs. They will develop and agree a training plan with you both.

Contact the helpline

If you are unsure about which apprenticeship you want to follow, or just need more information on what the Apprenticeships programme can do for you, contact the helpline:

Other options

If the Apprenticeships programme is not for you, then why not check out some other employment and training programmes:

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