Conditions of Sale for fishing licences and permits

This page details the conditions of sale for fishing licences and permits

Conditions of sale

1. A DAERA licence is issued subject to the provisions contained in the Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966 and in Regulations made under the Act and anglers should make themselves aware of these

2. A licence is valid only for the period recorded when making your purchase at the Distributors. This period will be on your e mail confirmation or receipt.

3. The licence is issued by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs as an authority to fish. It does not purport to give rights to fish in any particular waters. The holder of the licence still must make sure that he has the permission of the fishery owner. The holder of a Game licence must make sure that such waters are open to fishing.

4. The holder of a Coarse licence is authorised to fish for, by rod and line or hand line, all species of freshwater fish (as defined by the Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966 (Reprint 1969) other than brown trout and rainbow trout, on waters that have been designated by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs as coarse fish waters on which a coarse rod may be used.

5. Any salmon, sea trout, brown trout or rainbow trout inadvertently caught by the holder of a coarse fishing licence must be returned immediately to the waters from which they were taken.

6. All DAERA Fishing licences and permits are not transferable and are only valid to be used by the person licensed.

7.  Game Licence holders are legally required to make a catch return for salmon and sea trout. However, all anglers, game and coarse will be contacted by the Department to encourage catch returns for other species as well.

8. A DAERA permit is valid only for DAERA Fisheries listed in the Department’s angling guides and the Where can I fish in Northern Ireland section and the holder must observe all the Department’s regulations for fishing including, season, minimum take able size and bag limits.

9. The holder must provide such information about their angling activities on Departmental waters as the Department or any authorised person may require.

10. The Department reserves the right to close any of its angling waters should this become desirable for management or other purposes and in such an event no refund can be paid to the holders of Departmental permits.

11. The holder shall not fish on waters during the period they are reserved by the Department for angling competitions unless as a competitor in any such competition.

12. There shall be no fishing in waters containing salmon, sea trout or brown trout during the close season for game fishing except where the Department has publicised / advertised particular waters as pike or coarse fisheries.

13. A DAERA permit may be forfeited at the discretion of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs should the holder act contrary to any of these conditions or commit any breach of the Fisheries Act, By-Laws or Regulations.

The main angling regulations can be found at:

A full copy of the Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966 can be found at:

Rod licence and permit - refund policy

1. All refund applications should be directed to the Department only.

2. A refund will only be offered by the Department if notification is received within three working days before the start date and time of the specified Licence/Permit.

3. When purchasing a disabled rod licence or permit the holder must declare that the information given is accurate. If found to be incorrect, the Department will revoke the licence and/or permit and offer the holder the opportunity to purchase a full rod licence and permit. No refund will be issued.

4. A refund of a River Bush day ticket will be offered when the Department closes the River Bush fishery due to health and safety reasons.


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