Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) register

An Approved Motorcycle Instructor (AMI) register operates in NI. When you are registered, you can apply for authorisation to deliver Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which has to be completed by all moped and motorcycle riders before they can ride unaccompanied on public roads.

About the AMI register

The AMI register is a list of qualified instructors providing on-road tuition and CBT training for learner motorcycle and moped drivers.

Registration period

You will be registered for four years provided you continue to meet the eligibility criteria. After four years you will need to renew your registration. There is a fee payable and your membership will be renewed for a further four years provided you still meet the requirements.

CBT authorisation

Once on the register you can apply for CBT authorisation by:

  • completing the application form in which you will agree to adhere to CBT conditions of authority
  • purchasing at least one book of CBT certificates

An instructor's training and information manual, monthly return form and log book can be downloaded here:

Ongoing assessment of AMIs

During your four years' registration you will be assessed by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) to make sure that you maintain a satisfactory standard of instruction. This will be a continued ability and fitness test (also known as a 'check test').

A DVA examiner will observe a lesson as you deliver it to a pupil and assess you on the appropriateness of your teaching in terms of the ability and needs of the pupil. During this exercise the pupil will not be assessed in any way.

If you fail this test you will need to do a second assessment and if necessary a third and final assessment. If you fail for a third time, it will be recommended that your name is removed from the register.

Appeals process

Anyone wishing to appeal any decision taken by the Registrar about the refusal to add a name to the register or revoke an AMI's certificate, can do so.

The Registrar will let you know of their intention to remove you from the register and you are entitled to make representation to the Registrar within a specific period. Appeals are time bound depending on the circumstances. However, notification of time limits will be stated in correspondence to the individual.

Motorcycle training incident report form

Instructors should use the form below to report any incident that happens during a lesson:

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