Annual MOT

The MOT test is an annual test of roadworthiness. Cars and motorcycles undergo an annual MOT test from when they are four years old and all light goods vehicles with an unladen weight up to and including 3,500Kg are tested annually from they are three years old.


Test centres

All vehicles can be tested at any of the 15 Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) test centres in Northern Ireland by vehicle test examiners.

The MOT test is a legal requirement to make sure that all vehicles are roadworthy and safe to be used on a public road.

Vehicle tests may be booked online, by post or in person at one of the test centres, or by phone (using a valid credit or debit card).

MOT testing for quadricycles

A quadricycle (quad) is a four-wheeled vehicle with an unladen weight not exceeding 400kg and whose maximum engine power does not exceed 15 kW.

Many quads have been sold as ‘road legal’ and they have been supplied by the manufacturer with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This CoC indicates that the quad complies with the technical requirements applicable to a motor tricycle.

Whilst these quads have been built to the technical requirements of a motor tricycle, under Northern Ireland legislation, as they have four wheels, they must be classified as ‘motor cars’. If tested as a motor car, they will not meet the statutory requirements as found in the NI Construction & Use Regulations and Lighting Regulations, therefore a fail notification will be issued.

However, in this instance, European legislation takes precedent over National legislation. This means quads that have been built and issued with a CoC or a Motorcycle single vehicle approval (MSVA) certificate can be tested under the European legislation and where they meet this, they will be issued with a test pass certificate.

Quads that do not have a CoC or MSVA Certificate cannot be tested under the European legislation and cannot be booked for an MOT. The check for a CoC or MSVA Certificate will be carried out at the time of booking the test.

To get an application form and other online forms see the links below:

Customers should note that the online and telephone booking service is not available for quadricycles. Quadricycle application’s must be submitted to a DVA test centre.

Quadricycle inspections can only be conducted at Coleraine, Craigavon, Mallusk, Newtownards and Omagh test centres.

MOT exemption - pre-1960 vehicles

Motor cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles manufactured or registered before 1960 do not need to do the MOT test.

DVA offers tests on a voluntary basis, but only at the request of the vehicle owner. The bulk of voluntary tests will be from vehicles intended for Cherished Transfers as the registration transfer scheme still requires a test certificate.

Pre-1960 vehicles booked for testing will continue to be inspected in the normal way, MOT reminders for these vehicles will no longer be sent out automatically.

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