Airlines and airports

Northern Ireland has a wide range of air travel options. Airports are responsible for providing help to people with disabilities and others with reduced mobility to board, disembark and transfer between flights. Help on board an aircraft is the responsibility of the airline.

Airlines and airports

Give notice to airlines and airports

To allow both airlines and airports to make any necessary arrangements for your journey, passengers with reduced mobility should give them as much notice as possible.  This usually means telling them about your particular needs when you are making your flight booking and generally at least 48 hours in advance.

Each of the main airports in Northern Ireland have further information for passengers with reduced mobility on their websites:

Each airport website also lists the current flight destinations offered.

Additional information

    The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland has produced additional information on air travel:

    The Inclusive Mobility Transport Advisory Committee (imtac) has also produced a factsheet on travelling by air for people with disabilities.

    More information on air travel for people with reduced mobility can be found at this link.

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