Absent Voters List - County Armagh

The Representation of the People Act 1918 made special provision so that people absent due to War Service could vote. The Absent Voters List for County Armagh has been digitised and indexed and contains c.3,500 names.

For County Armagh, a full set of the Register of Electors for 1918 survives, along with a separate Absent Voters List (PRONI Reference ARM/5/3/2). 

PRONI has created an index giving the Surname and Forename of each absent voter, along with information on the Polling District, Registration Unit and address that is: Street or Townland.  It also gives the Constituency (County Armagh was divided into three consistencies: North, Mid and South Armagh) and a page number, which you can use to identify individuals in the digitised version of the Absent Voters List. The digitised Lists include details of the voter's military unit, rank, and service number, if they were Naval or Military voters. 

Name Index to County Armagh Absent Voters List

Digitised Absent Voters List for County Armagh by constituency


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