Improving reading skills and discovering joy of books

Date published: 07 March 2019

Books allow us to experience the pleasure of reading, opening up a world of fun, enjoyment and learning for children, young people and adults.


Public libraries  are obviously a great source of books. If you're not currently a member of a library, think about joining.

They have a large selection of books for all ages, including eBooks, large print books, and audio books on CD.

But as well as books, libraries also offer a wide range of free services, including:

  • loaning of magazines and eMagazines
  • local history resources
  • computer use
  • internet access and Wi-Fi

You can find out more information on the libraries page.

Reading to your child

Parents are advised to do what they can to encourage their children to develop their reading skills. Taking the time to read to a child can help them to discover the joy of reading.

Whether it's reading a story to little ones at bedtime or enjoying a novel together with an older child, parents and families can help boost children’s reading ability and, in turn, their learning potential.

Parents can also encourage children to put the computer games aside for a while, pick up a book instead and get their child to read out loud to them.

You can get useful tips and advice in the following section:

Parental involvement and encouragement, no matter how small, can have a direct and long-lasting effect on a child’s educational achievements.

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