Your residential care and nursing home and your personal belongings

When you're thinking about going into a residential care home, you might worry about what will happen to your furniture and other personal belongings. Before you move in, you should ask the care home about their policy on personal belongings.

Your furniture and personal belongings

You should always visit the residential care or nursing homes where you would like to live. When you visit, talk to staff and residents about your concerns.

Before you move in, it's important to know what you can and can't bring with you. You may own large items of furniture that aren't easily moved into the care home.

The care home might allow you to take some of your furniture and personal belongings with you when you move in.

Deciding what to do with furniture and personal belongings 

When you have furniture or personal belongings that you can't bring with you to the care home, you could:

  • sell them
  • put them in storage
  • give them to friends and family
  • give them to charities
  • ask the local council to collect them

Some charities will collect furniture and other belongings from your house for free.  To search for registered charities in your area, go to:

Special collections for large items

The waste and recycling department in most local councils collect unwanted, bulky items from households.  They might charge for this service. 

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