Sexual health

Sexual health is an important part of physical and mental health as well as your emotional and social well-being. It's important to take care of your sexual health and, if you have children, it's good to talk about sex and relationships.

Taking care of your sexual health

Both men and women need to look after their sexual health and take time to understand the issues that surround contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Further advice and information is available on the link below:

There are some STIs, like chlamydia, that you could be carrying without having any symptoms. This infection can affect fertility, so it's important to protect yourself. You can make use of sexual health information, advice and services.

More information on chlamydia can be found in the following leaflet:

You can talk to your doctor or nurse at your GP surgery or family planning clinic. Surgeries often hold family planning sessions or clinics for young people - both are aimed at creating an atmosphere where people can talk openly about sex and relationship issues.

The FPA (Family Planning Association) provides a confidential local rate telephone service from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, offering information and advice on a a range of sexual health issues. You can contact them on:

  • telephone number: 0845 122 8687

You can get further information on sexual health from the organisations listed below:

Talking about sex with your children

It's important that parents and carers have the skills and knowledge to talk to their children about sex and pregnancy. Information on things to think about can be found at the following page:

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