Partial sight - low vision aids

If you have partial sight, low vision aids such as pocket, hand-held and stand magnifiers could help you make use of your remaining vision.

Magnifying aids

Spectacle mounted magnifiers, monocular and binoculars can help with looking at things in the distance.

Magnifying aids can be assessed through a Low Vision Assessment at your local Low Vision Clinic. Information and support can also be provided by rehabilitation workers from your local Health and Social Care Trust (HSC) sensory support teams.

Many of the magnifiers can be obtained free of charge from your local Low Vision Clinic. You can also buy them privately through opticians.

Closed circuit television

Closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) work by putting what you want to see underneath a special camera and the page appears enlarged on a TV screen.

CCTVs / electronic handheld magnifiers can be demonstrated at your local Low Vision Clinic before you decide to buy an expensive CCTV / magnifier which may not be suitable.

Information and support can be provided by rehabilitation workers from the local HSC Trust sensory support teams

Organisations that can help

There are several voluntary organisations for people who are losing their sight.

The Royal National Institute of Blind (RNIB) produces many factsheets and leaflets that offer advice and recommend products for the blind and partially sighted.

There are also other websites which you may find useful. Some of these have been listed below:

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