Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) has about 70 fire stations to service an area of 5,500 square miles and a population of more than 1.7 million. It has four area commands, supported by 14 districts across Northern Ireland.

The role of NIFRS

Fighting fires can be just a small part of a firefighter's everyday work. It also includes pumping out floodwater, attending chemical spills and helping at road, rail and air crashes - including emergency casualty care. Fire and rescue services also rescue people who are trapped in buildings and lifts.

The role of firefighters in the prevention of fire

Firefighters also have a major role to play in preventing fires and in educating people about the dangers of fire. They:

  • provide advice on fire prevention
  • advise people on fire escape routes and fire hazards in the home
  • inspect premises to make sure they meet fire safety regulations
  • work with schools - teaching pupils, for example, about the dangers of fireworks and matches

Find your local fire and rescue service

Find information on fire brigades in different areas across Northern Ireland.

Ensuring your home is safe

NIFRS provides advice you can use to see how safe your home is. It will help you to identify any danger points around your home.

Request a visit from your local fire and rescue service

If you are concerned about fire safety in your home, you can request a free home fire safety check from your local NIFRS. You can call them on 028 9260 0477 or use the online form at the link below.

They will inspect your home to help you identify any potential fire risks and show you what to do to reduce or prevent them. They can also help you to develop an escape plan for your property.

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