A valid fireworks licence is needed to buy, possess and use certain types of fireworks. Find out how to apply for a licence, a list of registered firework retailers, and information about firework safety and the law. Always handle fireworks safely - follow the Firework Code.

The firework safety code

If you are thinking of using fireworks as part of a celebration, you should follow these safety steps:

  • only buy fireworks marked with a CE mark – this shows that the firework meets European safety standards which all fireworks must meet - a reputable shop will know this
  • don’t drink alcohol if you’re setting off fireworks
  • store fireworks in a closed, metal box and take out one at a time
  • keep a bucket of water nearby
  • follow the instructions on each firework – read by torchlight, don't use a naked flame
  • light fireworks at arm’s length, using the taper provided
  • make sure everyone stands well back
  • don't go back to a firework that is lit - even if it hasn’t gone off it could still explode
  • don't put fireworks in your pocket
  • don't throw fireworks
  • always supervise children around fireworks, don't give sparklers to a child under five
  • light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves
  • keep pets indoors
  • don’t set off fireworks late at night
  • take care around open flames such as bonfires and barbecues - all clothes, even those labelled ‘low flammability’, can catch fire

Apply for a fireworks licence

If you want to buy, possess and use fireworks (except indoor fireworks and sparklers), in Northern Ireland you must have a valid fireworks licence.

Garden fireworks

If you plan to use garden fireworks, download this form, complete it and send it to the address on the form.

Display type fireworks

If you plan to use display type fireworks, download this form, complete it and send it to the address on the form.

Fireworks guidance

  • you must not possess, buy or use fireworks (except indoor fireworks and sparklers) unless you have a fireworks licence issued by the Department of Justice for Northern Ireland
  • you must show your licence to the retailer when you buy your fireworks
  • all sparkler packets must display the following words:  “Warning: not to be given to children under five years of age”
  • the fireworks packaging must be written in English
  • fireworks must not be thrown or let off in a street or public place (other than a properly licensed public display)
  • Category F1 (indoor) fireworks must not be sold to children under 16 years of age
  • Category F2 (garden) and Category F3 (display) fireworks must not be sold to people under 18 years of age
  • it is illegal for fireworks to be sold from premises not licensed/registered by the Department of Justice (retailers are required to display their certificates of registration at the point of sale)
  • it is illegal to sell fireworks at markets and car boot sales, and from vans, including ice-cream vans
  • you should never buy or use fireworks which do not have the European standard CE marking printed on the box
  • the general public must not buy or use Category F4 (professional use only) fireworks

Illegal types of fireworks 

  • aerial wheels
  • bangers
  • double bangers
  • flash bangers
  • batteries and combinations containing bangers, double bangers or flash bangers
  • jumping crackers
  • jumping ground spinners
  • spinners
  • mini rockets and shot tubes whose principal effect is a bang or whose internal diameter is greater than 30 millimetres

Fireworks must not be sold on a street or in a public place. A public place is anywhere the public are entitled or permitted access, including parks, school playgrounds and bus stations. To be on the safe side, think of a public place as anywhere other than your own garden.

You can find guidance about fireworks safety from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) and on nidirect at the following links.

Fireworks and the law

Fireworks offences carry a maximum fine of £5,000 or a three month prison sentence, or both. You can find out more about fireworks and the law at the following links:

Firework retailers

The following are registered firework retailers in Northern Ireland.

Co Antrim

Name Business name Address
Lucinda Cadman Discount Fireworks

468-476 Shore Road
BT15 4HD

Ronald Crooks Arrow Amusements Unit 13 Agnes Street Industrial Park
BT13 1GB
Paul Donnelly  N/A

15 Springfield Road
BT12 7AB

James Elliott Elliott's H.S. Limited 110-112 Ann Street
Hugh Gilmore Temple Garden and Farm Shop 88H Carryduff Road
BT27 9YL
Robert Glover N/A 315-319 Shankill Road
BT13 1FX

293 Newtownards Road

301-303 Newtownards Road

Scott Keatley


The Avenue

36A&B Twaddell Avenue
BT13 3LF

Caroline McCullough The Chocolate Shop 175 Shankill Road
BT13 1FP
Arshad Rasool Woodbourne Centra Suffolk Road
BT11 9PG
N/A Simpson's 30 Fountain Street
BT41 4BB
Jim Taggart Bigtime Fireworks Limited 196-206 Cambrai Street
BT14 8JR

Diane Watson


285-291 Shore Road
County Antrim
BT37 9RW

Eoin Webb Euro Garden and Home Ltd 95-97 Boucher Road
BT12 4HR

Co Armagh

Name Business name Address
Justin Feeney N/A 138 Monaghan Road
BT60 4DX
Dale Hawthorne Hawthorne's Garden Shop 72-74 Main Street
BT60 1PL
Paul Kelly Galaxy Fireworks Mayfair Business
BT62 1HA
Cyril McArdle D&R Fireworks 9 Mullanary Road
BT60 4HW
Vincent McCooey N/A Unit 29, Tullygoonigan Industrial Estate
89 Moy Road
BT61 8DR
N/A XSRE.ME Limited 9A High Street
BT66 8AA

Co Down

Name Business name Address

Bernard O’Hare


76 Camlough Road 
BT35 7EE

Darren Mackin N/A 56a Forkhill Road
BT35 8QX
Laura McKenna I Catcher Unit 4
The Jade Centre
BT35 8JB
Sean McKevitt Fireworks Factory 7 Jacks Road
BT34 8RL
N/A Fireworks Specialist 272 Dublin Road
BT35 8RL
Darren McKinley N/A 14 Old Road
BT35 7JW

112 Dublin Road
BT35 8QP
Seamus McNamee NISA Local  67A The Village
BT35 8HR
Siobhan Rice N/A 74 Hill Street
BT34 1BE
Donna Marie Rush Big Boom Fireworks

Unit 5 Jade Business Park
BT35 8JP

Stephen Toner The Fireworks Factory 97 Fathom Line
BT35 8QN
Frances Watters N/A 169 Concession Road
BT35 9JE
Kieran Watters N/A

67 Concession Road

Cullaville, Crossmaglen


BT35 9AN

Sean Willoughby N/A 63 Ballybannon Road
BT31 9ER
Jonny Winters N/A 31 Mary Street
BT34 3NT
N/A Stewart & Gibson Limited 25-27 Main Street
BT24 8DN

Co Fermanagh

Name Business name Address
Jim Barnett N/A 4 Mill Street
BT94 1GR
Robert Coulter N/A 88 Littlemount Road
BT94 4RS
Mary Curran N/A

253 Old Coach Road



Co Fermanagh

BT92 4HL

Margaret Lynch Belleek Variety Store 39 Main Street
BT93 3FY
Gary McElhill N/A Terravalley Glebe
BT92 3EP
Gerry Rooney Centra Foodmarket 49 Main Street
BT93 3FX

Co Londonderry

Name Business name Address
Cahir Duffy Rod & Line 1 Clarendon Street
Derry City
BT48 7ED
Michael Howard Triangle Fireworks 11A Ballyshane Road
BT52 2ML
Andrew Nesbitt The Blue Shop 335 Clooney Road
BT49 9PL
Seamus O'Reilly N/A 44 Tamlaghtduff Road
BT45 8JQ

Co Tyrone

Name Business name Address
Stephen Donnelly Top Tools Ireland Limited 8 Kiln Street
BT78 2BJ
Paul Forbes The Bridge Guns and Tackle 19-21 Butcher Street
BT82 8BJ

Thomas Hagan 


Killsally Fireworks

127A Ballymaguire Road



Co Tyrone

BT71 5NJ

Trevor Irwin Floral Mist 66 Ballymaguire Road
BT71 5NQ
Fran McGir N/A

75 Carnalea Road



BT78 2JD

Gary McKenna N/A 81 Moore Street
BT69 6AR
Mervyn Taylor Gardenfresh 30-32 Beltany Road
BT78 5NA
Andrew Trotter SA Trotter Ltd 66 Scotch Street
BT70 1BJ

Fireworks helpline

If you have any further questions about the use of fireworks or how to get a licence, you can contact the Fireworks helpline:

  • telephone: 0300 200 7881 (Northern Ireland only)

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