Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR)

The Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) is a computer system that health and social care staff can use to get information about your medical history. When treating or looking after you in hospital, they’ll need to know about any allergies, long term health conditions or medicine you take.

Information included in NIECR

Your health and social care information is needed to make sure you get the best care. The NIECR will contain information from existing electronic record systems from hospitals and clinics throughout Northern Ireland as well as some information which is recorded directly in the system, where this is helpful to your care.

This information includes:

  • lab tests
  • x-rays
  • referrals
  • investigation requests
  • appointments
  • encounter and discharge letters from various HSC systems

Emergency Care Summary Record

If you allow information about your medicine and any allergies to be shared by your GP through the Emergency Care Summary, these will also be in your record on the NIECR.

To read more information about the Emergency Care Summary system, go to:

Only the staff caring for you will be able to look at your information on the NIECR and you will be asked for your permission first. An audit trail will check this.

Key Information Summary Record 

If you have a long term health condition your GP will decide if it is appropriate for you to have a Key Information Summary record (KIS) completed. 

Health Care staff treating you in Northern Ireland will then be able to consult your KIS for details about your health including relevant medical history and any wishes you may have about your treatment including end of life care. 

Information about a patient

Your KIS record will include:

  • relevant medical history, including any long term conditions
  • agencies involved with you
  • list of care plans or self-management plans
  • your preferred treatment arrangements
  • resuscitation status
  • Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) in place

Accessing your KIS

Your Key Information Summary record will be held at your GP Practice and will only be shared with other Health Care Professionals involved in your care if you agree to this. 

Your GP will ask for your consent for your Key Information Summary to be shared in NIECR.

How your information is kept safe

Staff working in HSC services have both a legal and an ethical duty to protect the confidentiality of personal information on patients and service users.

Regular checks are made on who has looked at personal information held electronically.

The NIECR can only be accessed over the HSC secure network and patient data can be accessed only by the HSC staff who need to see it to support your care.

How HSC can use NIECR

The NIECR allows:

  • doctors to check your x-rays and test results on computer - this means they can look at the results as soon as they are available and your treatment can start sooner
  • if your GP refers you to a hospital, information about your health can be sent to, and be triaged by, your hospital doctor in electronic form rather by post
  • if you have a long term condition such as diabetes, this information will be available in the NIECR so that the different people looking after you will be able to see it and update your record within NIECR - so the latest information is available to health and social care professionals involved in your care
  • the Emergency Care Summary is already in use for urgent care and includes details of your medicine and allergies from your GP - this will now be in the NIECR and available to staff involved in your care, such as outpatient clinics
  • letters about you sent to your GP from hospital will be included in the NIECR - this will help inform staff looking after you about your care

More information about NIECR

For more information about the NIECR, contact:

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