Independent Counselling Service for schools

Access to independent professional counselling support is available for all young people in post-primary schools during difficult and vulnerable periods in their lives.

How counselling can help

Counselling provides support for young people facing personal trauma, bereavement, difficult home circumstances, stress, bullying or abuse. It also contributes to the broader agenda of improving educational outcomes for all pupils by tackling their barriers to learning.

How the counselling service works

The one to one support provided conforms to the current best practice and professional standards for school based counselling, specifically for counsellor qualifications, supervision policy and safe working practices.

The counsellor’s main point of contact will be the Key Contact, who is appointed by the school. The Key Contact may be the designated teacher for child protection, the head of pastoral care or another teacher.

There are three main referral routes - your child can self refer, may be referred by someone from the school or by the parent or carer. The final decision lies with your child as to whether they wish to receive counselling.

Delivery of service

The Independent Counselling Service for Schools (ICSS) is provided under contractual arrangements by organisation(s) that have undergone a public tendering process. The service is delivered using standards and protocols based on good counselling practice within the organisational context of the school.

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