If your child has worries at school

School can be a very positive and rewarding experience, but it can also be demanding and stressful. Making new friends, moving schools and exams can all put extra pressure on your child

How your child can help improve their school experience

Encourage your child to make their time at school a little easier by:

  • spending time developing relationships with the people around them like with their family, friends and teachers
  • joining a school team or club to learn new skills: it can give your child a sense of achievement and build confidence
  • talking about their thoughts and feelings with their family, friends or teachers
  • staying active by finding an activity they enjoy, such as walking cycling or playing football, and making it part of their life
  • getting enough sleep - sleep can impact on your child's mood, motivation and concentration in class so a routine sleep pattern is important to allow your child's mind and body to function properly

Help and advice

There are times in life when you feel a bit down, miserable or feel that you can’t cope. Your child might believe that things will never get better and that no-one has ever been through what they are going through. But your child is not alone. Talking to a friend, relative, teacher or their school counsellor can really help.

Check out the sources of advice and support on the Department of Education’s website:

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