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Images from the PRONI archives are now available to view on the photo-sharing website Flickr . Over 1500 images from the Allison Photographic Collection are available to search and browse. Currently around 900 images from the Cooper Photographic Collection are being added.

PRONI Flickr photostream

Images from two important photographic collections held by PRONI are now available to view online on the PRONI Flickr photostream. They include photos of a variety of subjects from the Allison Collection along with portraiture from the Cooper Collection. These collections have been digitised from original glass plate negatives dating from as early as 1900.

The photos in each collection are arranged in sets on Flickr – for example ‘Allison - Weddings’ and ‘Cooper – portraits of children’. You can pick a set and browse through the images. Alternatively, you can use the search box to search for images – for example by family name or keyword. Just check that you are searching only the PRONI Photostream and not the entire Flickr site!

Use of PRONI images on Flickr

PRONI's images on Flickr have no known copyright restrictions. This means that PRONI is not aware of any current copyright restrictions on the photographs, usually because PRONI owns the copyright or because the term of copyright has expired.

Images in PRONI's photostream are available for research for a non-commercial purpose or private study. When using the images, credit the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and include the catalogue reference number of the item to help others access the original image or document.

If you are interested in high-quality reproductions, or commercial re-use of these images email:

The Allison Photographic Collection

The first collection of PRONI images to be made available on Flickr are wedding and family group portraits and other portraits and populated scenes taken by the Allison Photographic Studios, Armagh, between circa 1900 and 1950.

Herbert Thackwray Allison, who was born in Bradford in 1854, had photographic studios at Armagh, Dundalk, Newry and Warrenpoint between 1896 and 1947.

The Allison Collection provides a good photographic account of urban and rural life in Armagh and the surrounding counties from the early 1900s until the Second World War.  

The photographs include street scenes; historic and commercial buildings; churches, shops, schools and country houses; the workplace and transport; and above all, the people of Armagh city and country.  The PRONI Reference for the Allison Collection is D2886.

The Cooper Photographic Collection

Portraiture from the Cooper Photographic Collection is being added to Flickr during 2013.

PRONI holds over 70,000 original glass plate negatives originating from the Cooper Photographic studio in Strabane, County Tyrone. They date from circa 1901 to 1960. Around 2,500 prints of a variety of subjects (including photographs of circuses, transport, the north-west region of Ireland, people in the workplace and sporting subjects) are available to view in the PRONI reading rooms; however, this left over 65,000 images (mostly passport and studio photographs) inaccessible to the public.

During 2013 staff at PRONI are cleaning, re-boxing, listing and digitising a sample set of around 900 of these portraits. PRONI will make them available for the public to view via the PRONI Flickr Photostream.

Unfortunately, no records exist to identify the people captured in the images. We would be very grateful if you can help us to identify any of them. Add any information you may have to Flickr as a photo comment, or email

The PRONI Reference for the Cooper Collection is D1422.

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