Finding the right dog breed for you

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs. Each breed has its own particular behaviour and knowing about this will help you choose a dog that's right for you.

Examples of dog breed behaviour

Find examples of dog breed behaviour below to help you choose a dog that's right for you. Note that all dogs are individuals and there's no guarantee that a dog will behave like its breed.

Dog breed behaviour Choose the behaviour that's right for you
Adapts to living in a flat or apartment Some breeds are quiet and calm, while others with high-energy will not suit living in a small space.
Affectionate with family Some breeds bond closely with the family while others are independent and aloof.
Child-friendly Some breeds are gentle with children and cope well with lots of hugs while other breeds are quite snappy and aren’t child (or family) friendly.
Dog-friendly Some breeds may try to attack or dominate other breeds, while others prefer to play.
Energy levels Some breeds have lots of energy and need lots of exercise and mental stimulation - other breeds will prefer to doze for most of the day.
Exercise needs  Some breeds will be happy with a slow stroll, while others prefer more energetic exercise.
Prey drive Some breeds have an inborn need to chase and sometimes kill other animals - anything speeding by, for example cats, squirrels and even cars, can trigger that instinct.

Other characteristics to think about

Consider the following points, before you get a dog:

Dog characteristics More dog characteristics 
amount of shedding/ casting of its hair potential for playfulness
drooling potential potential for weight gain
easy to groom potential to wander
easy to train sensitivity level
friendly towards strangers size
general health tendency to bark or howl
good for novice owners tolerates being alone
intelligence tolerates cold weather
intensity tolerates cold weather
potential for mouthiness  

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