Exchanging Housing Executive and housing association homes

If you are already a tenant of the Housing Executive or a housing association, and you wish to move, you can apply for a transfer or you may wish to 'exchange' homes with someone who has another tenancy.


You will need to complete a housing transfer application form. Your landlord will then assess your housing needs and place you on the list for a transfer to alternative accommodation owned by any of the participating landlords within your areas of choice.

Your request for a transfer will not normally be considered where:

  • your existing tenancy is less than two years old
  • you have arrears of four weeks or more
  • the existing property is not in a good state of repair or you owe recoverable charges for repairs
  • you are guilty of any other serious breach of the tenancy conditions


You should write to your landlord and ask for permission to do the exchange. Your landlord will then consider the request. Requests would normally be approved for secure tenants unless the landlord has good reasons not to do so. For example, a request that would lead to a home being overcrowded would not normally be approved.

You can get more information on transfers and exchanges by contacting the Housing Executive or local housing association:

HomeSwapper Scheme

Housing Executive and Housing Association tenants can now use a free online service to look for suitable homes that are available for exchange.

It’s especially useful for tenants who want a larger or smaller home, want to move to a different area, want a more suitable home and who do not want to wait for a long time on the transfer list.

Before moving tenants will need to seek permission from their Landlord.

More details are available on the HomeSwapper website.

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