Disposal of a vehicle at the end of its life

End of life vehicles have the potential to release harmful substances into the environment if they are not stored, treated and disposed of properly.

Disposal and treatment

End of life vehicles are classed as hazardous waste until they have been fully treated and de-polluted. If your vehicle is ready to be scrapped, you must take it to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Do not give scrap vehicles to unlicensed illegal sites.

The requirements of the End of Life Vehicle legislation are:

  • all waste vehicles must be de-polluted at an ATF
  • ATFs must issue a Certificate of Destruction to the last owner
  • vehicle manufacturers are responsible for ensuring there is an adequate network of ATFs and customers must be offered free take back

A list of all current ATFs in Northern Ireland is available on the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs website:

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