Copyright, licensing, publishing and intellectual property rights

If you want to use Land & Property Services (LPS) material, you need a copyright licence or publishing permit.


Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) branded material is protected by copyright. If you want to copy or reproduce OSNI-branded material, you need permission from LPS. If they agree, they'll give you a copyright licence.

There are application forms and copyright guidance available from LPS.


Digital data is available under licence. There are licensing application forms and guidance available from LPS. You can order and receive digital data as a download or on DVD or CD.


If you want to publish or reprint a publication using OSNI-branded material, you must ask LPS for permission. If they agree, they'll give you a publishing permit.

There are permit application forms and guidance about permits available from LPS.

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property (IP) is any original or new creation that can be bought or sold. IP has rights that protect it from being abused. LPS is responsible for protecting the intellectual property rights.

LPS IP includes:

  • mapping data
  • building valuation data
  • land registration data

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