Contact with other carers

Carers can become isolated so it's important to have contact with other people and make time for yourself. There are support services available that can help you find someone to talk to.

Your local Trust

Your local Health and Social Care Trust may have a list of carers' groups in your area. You can contact the Carer Co-ordinator in your Trust to find out what's available.

Organisations and charities for carers

There are different organisations and charities that offer services to carers. Some are listed below. You can search online for more organisations .

Meeting other carers

Some  carers' organisations have local groups in Northern Ireland, including  organisations for specific health, illness or medical conditions. If the person you care for has a condition or illness which has a support organisation, check if there's a group in your area.

You can find contact details for many organisations in the A-Z Guide for Carers

Facilities and services offered can vary from group to group. Your local centre can tell you what is available in your area, such as:

  • regular meetings where members can get together, make new friends and share interests (these may be at a local centre or at members’ homes)
  • relaxing treats for carers, such as complementary therapies - for example, reflexology or massage (these may be subsidised)
  • training sessions with a back care nurse to help you look after the person you care for without injuring your back
  • professional counselling
  • social activities

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