Carers and learning

Many carers really enjoy learning and doing courses, and the freedom this gives them to spend time on themselves. Although you may be concerned at first, there is support available from finding the right course, to funding and how to arrange alternative care.

Finding the right course

Some colleges may run courses specifically for carers. These courses are often informal, friendly environments where you are encouraged to find a study programme to suit your learning styles, caring duties and personal aims.

Other ways to get funding

Some colleges give reductions to carers on benefits and some provide help with funding for transport costs and course fees. Contact the college that has the course you are interested in for more information.

Alternative care

You may need to find someone to take over your caring duties while you study. Your carer's assessment from your local trust should include if you want to study and whether you will need someone to help you with your caring role while you learn.

Your local trust may have schemes available to help you take a temporary break from caring while you study. If you have not had an assessment, contact your local trust to arrange one.


Crossroads Northern Ireland is an organisation that provides respite care so that you can have time to yourself.

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