Consents and licences for roads

If you want to carry out work near, on, at the side, over or under a road you have to make an application for consent or a licence. This includes things like excavations, building work, alterations, or putting up scaffolding, hoarding, traditional arches, or festive lighting.

Application for consent forms 

You can find application forms below which must be printed out, filled in, and returned to your local Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Roads office

To help you, there are guidance notes attached to each application form.

Alterations of a wall, fence or drain at the side of a road

Provision of a milk tanker facility on or near a road

Excavations in, or break up the surface of, a road

Excavations near a road

Construct cellars, and so on, under a road

Develop land where permission under the Planning (NI) Order is not required

Erect scaffolding, hoardings, and so on, on a road

Fix or place rails, beams, cables, arches and so on over a road

Place a traditional arch over a road

Construct a bridge over a road

Construct or alter a building over a road

Place festive lighting on roads

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