Co-Ownership Housing

Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing could help you if you want to buy your first home, but cannot afford to do so without help. You buy a share of your property and rent the rest from Co-Ownership Housing.

About the scheme

There is a cap on the value of the property you can buy through this scheme. This cap is  £150, 000.

You can start with as much as you can afford from 50 per cent up to 90 per cent of the property valuation, but is usually set at the maximum percentage considered to be sustainable in each case.

You can increase your share at any time, which is known as "staircasing".

When you buy some of the property, you rent the rest from Co-Ownership Housing. When you buy your home, the Department for Communities (DfC) sets the rent and any annual rent increases.

The rent charge is based on the share of the property still owned by Co-Ownership Housing. For example, if you own 75 per cent of the property, the rent is calculated on the other 25 per cent.

As you're responsible for making payments, you choose the lender and arrange a mortgage. Co-Ownership Housing does not insist on a property deposit but your lender may do.

As an owner occupier, you will also be responsible for the costs and commitments that accompany property ownership such as:

  • insurances
  • rates
  • ground rent
  • service charges
  • maintenance
  • repairs

Who is eligible to apply?

To buy a home with help from Co-Ownership Housing you must meet their and show:

  • you can afford to make the payments involved in buying a property
  • you don't have an alternative, unassisted, route into home ownership

For a guide to applying for Co-Ownership, a property viewing checklist and financial/budgeting tools online, go to:


Co-Ownership Housing makes the final decision on whether a property is suitable for buying and the following criteria will apply:

  • all properties depend on a valuation and in addition must have a price of £150, 000 or less
  • new properties must have a ten-year build warranty
  • properties under ten-years old must have the balance of the original build warranty

How to apply

To apply you need a current application booklet and a fee of £400, which covers a £150 processing fee, £40 valuation fee and £210 legal fee.

You will also need written evidence of circumstances to support your application.  Some of this evidence is required in all cases, and some will vary with the individual.

For an information pack and application booklet, go to the Co-Ownership Housing website:

To read more about home co-ownership, go to:

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