Career planning for young people with special educational needs

If your child has a learning and/or physical disability, a careers adviser can help you and your child plan for the future by going through the various options and support available in education, training and employment.

What careers help is available?

On or just after your child’s 14th birthday their school will hold a transition plan meeting. This meeting is the first step to planning and preparing for your child’s future and will help to make sure that they make a successful move into further education, training or employment.

To help you and your child make the best choices a careers adviser will also take part in this process and at any reviews afterwards. The careers adviser will also be available to provide further information, advice and guidance when your child leaves school.

You can speak to your child’s careers adviser by contacting your local careers office. The special education needs co-ordinator and/or careers teacher will also be able to give advice at this important stage.  

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