Access to your maternity records

All pregnant women in Northern Ireland are given their own hand held maternity record so that they have access to their maternity notes and records throughout their pregnancy.

Maternity hand held record - what is it?

The maternity hand held record is a paper file that contains all your health and medical information throughout your pregnancy. It will be used to record notes about your care and treatment and gives helpful information and advice about pregnancy.

The record will also be used to keep details of your birth plan – a simple and clear way to let your midwife know what you would like during labour and delivery.

When do I get it?

You will get your maternity record at the start of your pregnancy and you will keep it until after you have had your baby.

What should I do with it?

You should keep your maternity record safe and make sure you bring it with you to all hospital appointments or admissions, GP appointments or when you arrive at the hospital in labour.

If you lose your maternity record, you should contact your midwife or maternity unit as soon as possible.

What happens to the record once I've had my baby?

The notes will be returned to your Health and Social Care Trust at the end of your maternity care.

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