Register for a GRONI account

If you want to buy credits and search the 'General Register Office Northern Ireland' (GRONI) records, you must first register for an account.

Before you start


You'll need:

  • an email address
  • to create a password - the password must be at least eight characters and contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character for example an exclamation mark, asterisk and so on - example, Anyperson123!
  • to think up a secret question and answer
  • to provide your name and address

These will be your registered details and you should keep a careful note of them as you will need to enter these details when you login to search GRONI records (either in the GRONI public search room or on your own computer device).

You can find out how any personal information you send to GRONI when using this service will be handled by viewing their privacy notice. 

Register for a GRONI account

Additional information

Once you've registered for a GRONI account, you can then buy credits to search GRONI records.  Follow the link below for further details:


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