Complete angling catch return

Licence holders are legally required to make a catch return for salmon and sea trout. Catch return helps to manage fish stock.

This information is extremely important as it is used to monitor fish stock and fish health in local rivers and lakes. By completing a catch return you're helping the vital ongoing monitoring and research into salmon stocks. This includes all types of fish including coarse.

Before you start

Even if you have not caught any fish, you should make a nil catch return, including the date of fishing and location as this information is equally important for rivers, loughs and lakes.

In order to complete a catch return below you will need your date of birth and your seven digit licence, endorsement or permit number.

If you purchased a paper licence in 2016, please contact the Department on 0300 200 7860 for your seven digit number.

If you have not fished at all this year, you do not need to complete a catch return.



DAERA Fisheries Catch Return Application

Additional information

Anglers who have bought a Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) rod licence to fish for salmon and sea trout are legally required to advise DAERA of any catches made throughout the year and how many occasions they fished, even if no fish were caught.

All anglers, game and coarse are encouraged  to send in a catch return to DAERA.

If you prefer to post the angling catch return form to DAERA Inland Fisheries, please complete the form which can be found at the link below:


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