Check your postcode's listed for broadband improvement

To check if your postcode is on the list for broadband improvement, follow the green link. You’ll then be told who to contact if it’s not listed.

Before you start

To make sure that all those areas needing support to get better broadband have been identified, you’re being asked to check if your postcode is on the list. Send your response no later than 12.00 pm on the 14 January 2019.

You can find out how any personal information you send to the Department for the Economy when using this service will be handled by viewing their privacy notice. 

Check your postcode is listed for broadband improvement

Additional information

If you don't have the internet, you can check if your postcode is on the list:

For background information about this project, go to:
Extending broadband across Northern Ireland - 'Project Stratum'

What broadband is

To find out what broadband is, go to:



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