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Looking for careers information, or need advice and guidance to help you make informed career choices? Chat online with a professionally qualified careers adviser and get impartial advice about your career options.

Before you start

Careers webchat is available  9.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public and bank holidays). 

Outside of these hours, or if all advisers are busy, you can ask questions online and a careers adviser will get back to you as quickly as possible (usually within two working days).

You can start your webchat with an adviser at the link below:


Chat with an adviser

Additional information

When you begin a chat session a new browser window will open. At the end of your session, return to the website by clicking the 'exit' button.

You may notice slight time delays during the conversation while an adviser is finding out the right information for you.

When all advisers are busy, requests for webchat are kept in a queuing system. Please do not open more than one window at a time. This will not shorten your wait as the web chat you opened first will be the first to be answered. Please be patient during busy times.


Careers Webchat is a confidential service which means that your information will not be shared outside the Careers Service.

Beta service

This is a new beta service. To find out more about what beta means and how your feedback can help improve the service, visit:

Contact the Careers Service

For contact details to phone a careers adviser, speak to one in person or fill in an online form, see

Careers in England, Scotland and Wales

The Careers Service offers advice about careers in Northern Ireland. For information about courses or careers in other parts of the UK visit:

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