Preparing for a careers event

Careers conventions and job fairs are a great way to meet employers, source vacancies and find out what skills, attributes and entry requirements they are looking for from applicants.

What careers conventions and job fairs are

These are events organised to promote local industry and display typical career and education opportunities.

Representatives from different employers, education and training organisations come together under one roof to provide you with information and advice about how they can help you with your future career planning.

Careers conventions usually take place in schools, colleges and universities while job fairs, may be held in hotels or at local exhibition venues.

These events are designed to help you gather information and to explore future career opportunities.

Preparing for a careers event

You need to prepare in beforehand as careers conventions and job fairs are often very busy and you may need to prioritise who you would most like to speak to. Gathering information and receiving good guidance will help you on your career pathway.

Preparation tips

  • keep a check on the Careers Service events calendar and the local press to find out when these careers conventions / jobs fairs are taking place
  • download the list of exhibitors who are going to be at the event (this is usually available online beforehand - if not, contact the venue directly)
  • be prepared to give some information about yourself, such as contact details, qualifications so far, future career aspirations and goals
  • an updated CV would be useful to bring as some employers may be interested in reading it on the day
  • be confident, believe in yourself and your own capabilities
  • if you have any questions or require any additional help speak to a careers adviser beforehand
  • if additional education is necessary for the jobs which you would like, talk to the advisers from the Colleges of Further and Higher Education or universities, and ask about relevant courses

Useful questions to ask

It is a good idea to prepare some questions beforehand to help you get the information you need. Examples can be:

  • what does your organisation / company do?
  • are there career opportunities now or in the future?
  • what types of jobs exist within your company?
  • what training / qualifications are required?
  • what kind of people are suited to these jobs?
  • what are the promotion / long term prospects?
  • how to apply for vacancies?
  • what are the working conditions within the company?

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