Raising awareness of need for foster carers

Date published: 20 May 2019

It’s Foster Care Fortnight (13 to 26 May). Foster carers can provide stable, caring homes for vulnerable children and young people. Have you considered offering a child or young person greater stability through foster care?

Fostering makes a difference

Children and young people want to be secure, supported and loved. Fostering provides children who cannot live with their own families for whatever reason with alternative care where they can benefit from a loving, safe and stable home.

Around three new foster carers are needed every week to meet the needs of children and young people coming into care.  

Fostering is highly rewarding and worthwhile. It makes a significant difference both to the lives of the children and the foster carer.

You can find more information in the section below:

No age limit

There is no maximum age limit on becoming a foster parent. You can be a foster carer:

  • whether you have your own children or not
  • if you are single, married or living with a partner
  • if you are in or out of work
  • whether you live in your own home or rent
  • whatever your race, religion or sexuality

You can find out more about fostering from the following link:

If you would like to discuss fostering with a voluntary organisation or independent fostering agency, The Fostering Network will provide you with further information.  

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