Be extra alert on roads during darker months

Date published: 27 October 2017

All road users are urged to be extra alert on the roads over the coming months. We should all pay attention in the worsening weather conditions and the darker evenings during late autumn and winter.

Road safety advice

While visibility decreases in winter months, stopping distances increase. If you're a driver you should:

  • adjust your speed
  • think about how the conditions affect more vulnerable road users
  • slow down and pay attention, especially around schools buses when children are getting on and off
  • be extra careful to watch out  for people walking, cycling or riding a motorbike - they are much more difficult to see, particularly in the dark

Cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians (including children) should take extra precautions by making sure they increase their own visibility to drivers by wearing:

  • bright or contrasting clothing by day
  • reflective clothing at night

You can get more information about road safety at the page below:

Collectively, we have the ability to reduce road casualties. We all have a personal responsibility, to ourselves and to other road users.

Remember – respect everyone’s journey.

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