Skills to succeed

Skills to succeed

Skills give you confidence, open doors and help you compete. So get the skills to succeed and change your world!

For employers

For information on skills solutions for your business and employee training and development opportunities, please visit:

Skills to succeed for employers 
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Foundation degrees

Take the next step to improve your skills and career prospects … more



What higher education is

Higher education and a university place can be a reality for you … more

Further education

From school leaver to adult learner - further your skills at all levels … more

Essential skills

Do you want improve your reading, writing, maths or computer skills? An Essential Skills course may be for you … more

Skills in demand

Discover the skills local employers need to meet today's demand … more

Training programmes

Information on training programmes available to increase your skills and experience to help you into work ... more


Get the skills, get the qualifications and get paid as you learn … more

Training for success

Training for Success is all about giving you the tools and the confidence to find work 

… more

Youth Employment Scheme

18-24 and unemployed? Get the experience you need to get ahead ... more

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