24 hour domestic and sexual violence helpline for all victims of domestic and sexual violence  - 0808 802 1414

Domestic and sexual violence

24 Hour Domestic and Sexual Violence helpline

Information is available about the helpline service for those affected by domestic and sexual violence..more

Domestic violence and abuse

Information is available if you are the victim of domestic violence and abuse or if you suspect that someone is a victim… more

Getting help when affected by domestic or sexual violence

As a victim you might want to report the crime to the police.  Important advice is also available about checking your health and helping you decide what to do.… more

Hide your online tracks

Advice is available about how to hide your internet activity so that an abuser cannot see what websites you may have been visiting for advice … more

Staying safe after sexual violence

The sexual violence helpline can advise you about planning a safe escape from an abusive or violent relationship in order to keep you and your children safe.  … more

Sexual violence and abuse

Sexual violence or abuse is sexual behaviour you don’t want to do, don’t agree to do or don’t understand.  Sexual violence and abuse are crimes … more

Sexual violence directory of services

You can download a copy of this latest directory of services for those affected by sexual violence … more

Domestic violence and abuse disclosure scheme

If you're worried that your partner, or the partner of someone you know, has a history of domstic abuse, you can ask the police to check it out for you … more



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