Domestic and sexual violence

Domestic and sexual abuse helpline

The helpline is for men and women affected by domestic or sexual violence ... more

Domestic violence and abuse

Men and women can experience domestic violence and abuse… more

Getting help when affected by sexual violence

If you're the victim of rape or sexual assault, you should see a doctor... more

Hide your online tracks

Get advice about how to hide your online history and prevent an abuser seeing the websites you visited … more

Staying safe after domestic or sexual violence

The helpline can advise you about planning a safe escape from an abusive or violent relationship … more

Sexual violence and abuse

Sexual violence or abuse is sexual behaviour you don’t want to do, don’t agree to do or don’t understand … more

Sexual violence directory of services

Download a copy of the directory of services for people affected by sexual violence … more

Domestic violence and abuse disclosure scheme

 If you're worried your partner has a history of domestic abuse, you can ask the police to check … more



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