Tuition fees

The first step in drawing up a budget for student life is working out how much higher education will cost. You’ll need to consider tuition fees, accommodation and living costs. Check out what it will cost.

Indicative fees for students starting higher education in 2018-2019

This table gives you an indication of the fees you are likely to pay at publicly funded universities, depending on your country of residency and where you are going to study.

Country of residence Studying in Northern Ireland Studying in England Studying in Scotland Studying in Wales Studying in Republic of Ireland (ROI)
Northern Ireland £4,160 up to £9,250 up to £9,250 up to £9,000 €3,000*
England or Wales Unlimited will not exceed £9,250 up to £9,250 up to £9,250 up to £9,000 €3,000*
Scotland up to £9,250 up to £9,250 No fee up to £9,000 €3,000*

*Tuition fees are not charged in the ROI. All students pay a contribution charge. For the academic year 2018-2019 this is €3,000. Students will receive sterling value of £2,617.50

Tuition fees for part-time students

There are no regulations stating how much universities can charge in tuition fees for part-time courses. Students should check with their university or college for details on the fees for part-time courses.

Tuition fee support at private institutions

If you are a Northern Ireland student attending a higher education course at a private institution, you should be aware that for certain private institutions, you will not receive the full tuition fee loan support to cover your tuition fees.

You will be responsible for funding the difference in the additional cost of your tuition fees. You will need to find out what tuition fees are charged by the private institution and what tuition fee loan support is available. Contact the Student Finance NI team in the Education Authority office in your area before you start the course.

Republic of Ireland students coming to study in Northern Ireland

If you live in the Republic of Ireland and hope to start a degree course in Northern Ireland in 2018-2019 the maximum fee will be £4,160.

Students from ROI (and other non-UK EU countries) can apply to the Student Finance Services European Team for a loan of up to £4,160 to cover the tuition fee:

  • European team telephone number 0141 243 3570

Key dates for course and student finance applications

For key deadlines when applying to UCAS visit the important dates page on the UCAS website.

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