Transforming Your Care

The way health and social care services are provided is changing. This is part of a process called Transforming Your Care (TYC) to make Health and Social Care (HSC) more modern and improve health and social care services for everyone.

Why change is needed

There are different reasons why HSC needs to change, including:

  • people are living longer – this is great news but it means more people will need to use HSC services in future
  • there are more people with long term conditions – such as asthma and diabetes - and the changes will help improve how these people are cared for
  • more people are using hospitals and changes are needed to be able to cope with this demand
  • the changes will make sure that money is spent on what people need

TYC’s new ways of providing services are to help make sure that the best care is provided for you in the right place.

What TYC will mean for you

Changes will mean:

  • a range of health and social care services provided as locally as possible so you don’t need to go to hospitals as much
  • doctors, nurses and everyone providing care working together to help keep you and your family healthy
  • more work on prevention and early intervention (identifying and dealing with health and social care problems at an early stage) to help you to care for yourself and your family
  • investing in new technology and local services to help you or your family members to stay at home or be cared for locally, when that’s safe and suitable – including at the end of life
  • hospitals working together as a team to provide the best treatment in the best place where it is safe to do so
  • supporting you to stay healthy and make decisions that help maintain good health and well-being

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