Trampoline safety

Using a trampoline can be good exercise for children. But playing on a trampoline can also be dangerous and cause injuries so it's important to follow the safety advice. Your child should be at least six before they use a trampoline.

Safety standard

When buying a new trampoline, check it  meets the European Standard EN7-14:2014.

Staying safe

To make sure your child is safe on a trampoline:

  • don't allow them on a trampoline if they're a baby, toddler or child under six because they're not physically developed to control their bouncing
  • always use a safety net to prevent falls off the trampoline
  • supervise your child and make sure they take a rest from trampolining
  • only allow one child at a time to use the trampoline
  • tell them to only bounce on the middle of the trampoline
  • tell them to step on and off the trampoline, not to jump 
  • use safety pads to cover the springs, hooks and frame to prevent injuries on the trampoline
  • don't let them go underneath the trampoline
  • new trampolines should meet the European Standard EN7-14:2014
  • put the trampoline on energy absorbing ground, such as soft and springy lawn, bark woodchip, sand or other cushioning material
  • don't put the trampoline on hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or hard packed mud without absorbent safety matting 

Domestic trampolines aren't suitable for doing somersaults or flips.

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