Telling DVA about a bereavement

If you have suffered bereavement, you should tell both Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) as soon as possible. Doing so will help prevent you receiving further correspondence relating to the deceased person's driving licence and/or vehicle at a later date.

What you need to do

The information below will advise you on how to tell DVA and DVLA, and outlines what you need to do with the deceased person's driving licence and vehicle registration certificate.

Driving licence

The driving licence should be returned to DVA with a covering letter explaining the circumstances, stating your relationship to the deceased.

If you can't find the driving licence, you will need to write stating the name, address and date of birth of the deceased, and your relationship (relative or executor) to the person. Please write to:

Driver Licensing Division
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TB

Vehicle registration certificate (V5C)

If the deceased person has a vehicle, send the person’s registration certificate (V5C) to DVLA.

Include a letter with the documents explaining:

  • your relationship to the person who has died
  • the date of death
  • their name, address and date of birth

If you do not have the V5C then just send a letter.

Send the registration document or letter to:

SA99 1ZZ

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