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This page gives details about driving codes and the Certificate of Entitlement


There are times when you might be asked to show that you hold a current driving licence or that you hold entitlement to drive certain categories of vehicle – for example like with a car hire company or an employer because they want to check the vehicles you can drive and see if you have any penalty points or disqualifications.

The Northern Ireland Driving Licence

The Northern Ireland driving licence is made up of two parts and you can give evidence of your driving entitlement by showing both the plastic photocard licence and the paper counterpart.  Both parts make up your driving licence and they will provide evidence of:

·         your driving licence number

·         the types of vehicles you can drive

·         any penalty points or disqualifications you may have.

If a car hire company or employer asks you for a ‘check-code’ so that they can check your driving record - let them know that this is not relevant for Northern Ireland driving licence holders. Instead, you will need to show them both parts of your driving licence which have the details they need.

If you’ve lost the paper part of your driving licence

 If you have lost the paper part of your driving licence you will need to apply for a new driving licence.  If you need to give evidence of your driving entitlement urgently you can apply for a ‘Certificate of Entitlement (CoE)’. This will provide a summary of your driving entitlement. To get a CoE you will need to write to the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) and include the following details:

·         your driver number

·         your date of birth

·         the address you want the ‘Certificate of Entitlement’ posted to

Post this letter together with a cheque (made out to the Driver & Vehicle Agency) or Postal Order for £7.50 to the DVA.

Other ways of sharing your driving record if you’ve lost the paper part of your driving licence include:

·         phoning the DVA for the summary over the phone when you are with your the insurance company

·          or leave permission with the DVA to give the company the information

If you have any further queries contact the DVA.


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