Setting rents for Housing Executive and housing association properties

Housing association landlords and the Housing Executive are responsible for setting rents in the properties they own. If you're a tenant in social housing, your landlord will give you notice about any rent increases, communal service charges and support costs.

How your rent is set 

The Housing Executive is responsible for setting the rent levels they charge their tenants.  Housing associations set their own rent levels.

Housing associations and the Housing Executive usually charge similar rent for properties of a similar size, condition and location.  Rent in housing association properties built after 1992 is higher than Housing Executive properties of the same age.

Paying rates on your home

Your domestic rates and service charges aren't included in the rent.  When you sign your tenancy agreement, the Housing Executive or housing association will tell you if you'll need to pay other charges.

Tenancies that began before 16 September 1992

If your tenancy with the registered housing association began before 16 September 1992 , your rent is calculated on a points system. This is in line with rents charged by the Housing Executive.

If your tenancy with the registered housing association began on or after 16 September 1992,  the landlord sets the rent.

Notice about increased rent 

Annual rent increases are calculated by multiplying the number of points allocated to your home by the value of the new rent point.

The association must give you at least four weeks' notice in writing before charging you the increased rent.

Different housing associations have different rent-setting policies. You should ask your landlord for their policy.

Communal service charges

Communal service charges may include charges for heating, lighting, cooking and hot water depending on the type and location of housing.

In communal accommodation such as sheltered housing, the total charges for these services are usually divided between all the residents.

Instead of receiving separate bills for these services the cost will generally be itemised separately in your regular rent bill.

You should ask your housing association for their service charges.

Support costs

If you live in a sheltered housing scheme a support cost may be charged to you for any support services it provides to you. These services include:

  • scheme co-ordinator salary and accommodation costs
  • scheme co-ordinator business telephone costs
  • warden call system

For more information on support for people in their homes, go to:

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