Residential training for adults with disabilities

Parkanaur College is the only residential training college in Northern Ireland for people with significant disabilities.

Parkanaur College

Parkanaur College is an independent, specialist further education college for students aged 18 and over with intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities.

Training is offered up to NVQ3 in areas such as:

  • business administration
  • catering
  • horticulture
  • upholstery

Application process

Suitable candidates who could benefit from attending Parkanaur and who cannot avail of other mainstream programmes are identified by:

  • Employment Service Team Leaders
  • Employment Service Advisers
  • Careers Advisers

These advisers are based in JobCentres / Jobs & Benefits Offices.

Each person's suitability for this training and their future potential for progression towards or into employment is assessed by the Work Psychology Team.

Find out more

For more information, contact Parkanaur College or your nearest JobCentre / Jobs & Benefits Office.

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