Meals at home services

Hot, and sometimes frozen, meals can be delivered to your home if you have problems cooking. This service is sometimes called 'meals on wheels'.


Like most support that is arranged to help you stay more independent, a 'meals at home' service may be offered to you following an assessment of your needs by your local social services.

The aim of 'meals on wheels' or 'cooked chill meals' is to provide a hot, nutritional meal for people who are unable to, or find it difficult to, prepare a meal for themselves.

There is normally a charge for the service. A range of meals is produced, taking into account people's cultural and religious requirements, personal preferences and dietary needs.

Following a visit to your home, you should receive a simple 'service agreement'. This will detail which days you receive meals, the charge to you and how to contact the manager of the service.

You may be offered a frozen meal service. Your local social services often only deliver hot meals to you every day if you cannot manage the frozen meals service.

You may also be able to borrow equipment to reheat the meal yourself and a small freezer if you need it.

For more information about meals at home or to access contact details, visit the website of your local health and social care trust.

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