Junior Road Safety Officer scheme

Primary six and seven pupils are selected by their primary school to be Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs). JRSOs help promote road safety issues within the school and local community. There is a range of informative, colourful and engaging resources in support of this scheme.

About the JRSO scheme

The JRSO scheme is an effective and popular way to get serious road safety messages across to children and provides an opportunity to develop their communication skills. Years six and seven pupils have the opportunity to deliver important road safety messages to the entire school community in a fun and innovative way.

The scheme involves minimum input from teachers with the main emphasis being placed on the appointed JRSOs. A teacher or teaching assistant should be nominated by the school to act as a school guide and to offer advice and support to the JRSOs. Schools usually appoint two JRSOs from pupils in years six and seven. Once the JRSOs have been appointed, they should work through their activity pack and be provided with help and practical support if required.

Whilst the ideas and activities in the pack will give the JRSOs a good starting point, the scheme is flexible and they may come up with their own ideas.

Examples of what other schools have done are in the Junior Road Safety Officer pack which you can download from this page.

JRSOs should meet with the school guide on a regular basis so that tasks and deadlines can be agreed.

The JRSO's role

The role of the JRSO is to spread road safety messages to the school community by:

  • giving talks
  • running competitions
  • putting up posters
  • using their own ideas to spread the message

There is an activity pack to help them get started. ​Sections of this pack can also be downloaded separately.

Each JRSO will receive a:

  • high-visibility waistcoat
  • JRSO badge
  • folder to keep their documents in
  • JRSO pen

Selecting your JRSOs

Methods you may wish to consider when selecting your JRSOs:

  • choose one or two (depending on school size) JRSOs from years six or seven
  • ask pupils to complete application forms (see above link) and make your selection based on their answers
  • conduct interviews to discover budding JRSOs
  • ask students to nominate representatives

Have an informal talk with candidates to check they understand the job, and their commitment.

If your school would like to take part in this scheme, please download and complete the application form at the link below and email as an attachment to  safeandsustainabletravel@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk or post it  to Safe and Sustainable Travel Division Promotion and Outreach branch.

​​If you have any queries about the application form or the scheme in general, please contact the Safe and Sustainable Travel Division Promotion and Outreach branch.

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