Insolvency Practitioner Directory

Use this service to find the contact details of insolvency practitioners (debt specialists) who have agreed to include their details on the directory. You can also find the contact details of their authorising body.

About insolvency practitioners

Insolvency practitioners are usually solicitors or accountants who specialise in insolvency cases. For example, they can act as the:

  • 'trustee' in a bankruptcy – where they take control of and sell a bankrupt’s assets
  • 'supervisor' in an individual voluntary arrangement (an alternative to bankruptcy) – where they manage a debtor’s repayments
  • 'liquidator' in a company liquidation – where they take control of a company in liquidation and sell the assets

They can also provide advice on specific debt problems, for example, whether bankruptcy is the best way to deal with your debts. They will charge for this service. This advice is freely available from your local Advice NI office or the National Debtline.

Authorising bodies license (authorise) insolvency practitioners. They are also responsible for maintaining professional standards and investigating complaints about an insolvency practitioner.

How to use the directory

The directory contains an insolvency practitioner's full contact details and those of their licensing (authorising) body.

You can search by county or an insolvency practitioner's known details, like name, company or authorisation number.

When not to use this service

The directory does not contain information about the cases an insolvency practitioner is working on, for example, individual bankruptcies and debt relief orders. You can search the Individual Insolvency Register for this information.

You can search for information on disqualified directors and company insolvencies on the Companies House website. There may be a charge for this service.

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