How to apply for Building Regulations approval

Building Regulations are technical standards covering most construction work in homes. The regulations apply to energy usage, accessibility and health and safety. You must tell the council in your area about building work you want to do. They'll inspect and approve building work that meets their standard.

Sending your application

You need to apply to Building Control in the local council and include:

  • a completed application form
  • fee
  • two copies of location map and detailed site plan 
  • two copies of construction plans and technical specification 

To find the council's Building Control office in your area, go to: 

Assessing your proposal

The plans are assessed for compliance with Building Regulations and any required revisions notified to the agent who may then send amended plans.

When these are received and all details are satisfactory your plans can be approved. The Approval Certificate and one set of approved plans will be returned.

Beginning work and site inspections

When an application has been made with the fee, the builder may start work. But you need to contact the Building Control office. They'll arrange for  a Building Control surveyor to visit and inspect the site. 

Ifyou're getting building work done in stages, you must tell the Building Control office each time. They will need to inspect the work. 

If the builder begins work before the approval of the plans, they're working at their own risk.

After the first inspection has been carried out, you need to pay the full fee. District councils can agree payment by instalment.

If you want to talk to a Building Control surveyor about your scheme before submitting it for assessment, contact the Building Control office where you will lodge your plans.

Completion Certificate

The council will give you a Building Regulation Completion Certificate when:

  • Building Control have inspected the works
  • you pay the fees

The Completion Certificate and the plan Approval Certificate are legal documents. You should keep these with the property's deeds.  It may be difficult to get finance or sell your house without these documents.

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